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Happy Birthday Sagittarius!! Sagittarius [November 22 – December 21] :: Sagittarius season is in full swing as December opens up. Celebrate in style while the sun tours your sign through the 21st! Like outspoken archers T-Swift, Miley, and Nicki Minaj, it’s time to speak your truth. Vocalize your opinions or make that big announcement by the ninth, while you have extra support from messenger Mercury. Your astrological New Year falls on the 11th, when the annual new moon in Sagittarius refreshes your feed and renews your optimistic outlook on life. This is one of the best days of 2015 for kicking off projects, initiating relationships, or starting out on a fresh path. Double rainbow! In 2016, there will be a rare TWO full moons in Sagittarius (on May 21 and June 20), helping you reap twice the rewards of whatever you start near the 11th. Not that you have to wait that long for a payout. The full moon in your big money zone on Christmas Day could bring some handsome (and profitable) rewards as the year wraps.

Romantically, December will be both enchanting and enigmatic. On the fourth, amorous Venus slips into Scorpio and your hazy 12th house. You love them, you love them not: That could change on an hourly basis. Ride it out and don’t just bolt because you’re bored here and there. Someone’s stability will be just what you need when the sun heads into Capricorn on the 21st. This fantasy-fueled Venus cycle could bring some steamy chapters for your future memoirs. Escape into the pleasure zone, but don’t lose sight of your best judgment or ignore red flags. You really could mistake a player for a prince(ss) this month. Just in time for NYE, Venus zips into Sagittarius on the 30th making you utterly irresistible. It’s anyone’s guess whose lips you’ll be locked as 2015 turns into 2016 — and that’s half the fun of it.

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Capricorn [December 22 – January 19] ::  Move over, Jessica Jones! December could find you in brooding, nocturnal superhero mode. (Uh, would you like some whisky for that eggnog latte?) With the sun in your esoteric 12th house until the 21st, you’ll be drawn to the shadows, preferring to fly under the radar and even slip off on some quick escapes to the beach or spa. Your compassion is stoked, so step in where you can; even practicing random acts of kindness. Keep your schedule relatively uncluttered. Your downtime — and dreamtime — could be epic, leading to major creative bursts. A massive clean-up mission consumes you, too, so go apeshit on your junk drawers and inbox. Your birthday season begins on the 21st, when the sun cruises into Capricorn for a month! The stormy vibes dissolve and your sunny side emerges again. Although this is an independent period, you’re not going to be spending the holidays alone. With a full moon in your relationship house on Christmas Day, you could lock down your perfect pairing — or reach a new level of closeness with youramour. Venus is in your tech and teamwork sector from December 4 to 30. You could meet your match on Tinder or through the introduction of mutual friends. Coupled Caps should spend less date nights cuddling on the couch and more time at cultural events. 

Work is busy in December, too, as motivator Mars blazes a trail through your ambitious 10th house. Pour another cup of bulletproof coffee and hey, take a power nap under your desk if you must. Just don’t cut out early or skip those networking soirees. You could make a killer contact — likely with a prestigious man — while you’re out decking the halls. That includes New Year’s Eve: Socialize strategically, because you could bump into an amazing career contact at a charity gala or black tie affair.

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Aquarius [January 20 – February 19] :: Deck the halls with digital devices! December’s stars light up your 11th house of technology and teamwork, making geek oh so chic. This is not about street cred, Aquarius, as much as it is about streamlining your life and saving yourself. Upgrade to faster models with more memory and lifehacking app capabilities. Learning new software could bump you into a new pay grade as the year winds down. With the sun in your communal 11th house until the 21st, your popularity is on the rise. Make room for Rudolf and the whole posse. The more is definitely the merrier. With energizer Mars in your global ninth house all month, you’ll click across cultures — and might just hatch a plan to ring in 2016 on a different continent. Socializing strategically can set you up for success as well, since Venus cruises through your career zone from December 4 to 30. Give those nouveau bros a chance to wow you with their man buns, indoor grilling skills, and knowledge of wine pairings. Whether romantic or bromantic, a great guy is coming into your world this month.

Romantically, December is a hot time to travel together. You’ll be feeling rather experimental, too, so don’t rule out the open relationship or even a dabble in the poly pond. If you’re more of a monogamist, bring some variety to your shared calendar with a mix of dress-up dates and nights that end with playing darts at dive bars. The full moon on X-mas Day rocks your wellbeing zone, activating your healthy living resolutions. No need to skip on the fruitcake course, Aquarius, but you might be the first one hitting the elliptical on the 26th. You could also get word of a job opportunity over the two weeks following this full moon. Have your résumé at the ready, even if you’re e-mailing it astride an inflatable swan from a resort’s swim-up bar.

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Pisces [February 20 – March 20] :: December is like a mullet for you: business in the front, party in the back. The Sagittarius sun cruises through your career zone until the 21st, helping you wrap Q4 with some epic feathers in your cap. Keep your nose to the grindstone, but don’t forget: It’s all about who you know. Stock your clutch with cards, then hit the holiday party circuit to network. You could make a killer connection at the open martini bar, especially near the new moon on the 11th. But with motivator Mars in your secretive eighth house all month, keep developments on the DL. Blurting your big news before it’s fully manifested could give a competitor a shortcut. 

Erotically speaking, December’s forecast is looking quite steamy, thanks to passionate Mars activating your seductive eighth house all month. Shed ye now your gay apparel! And keep a strict privacy policy in place. What happens behind closed doors is nobody’s business but your own — you don’t even owe your GFs a report. The mysterious and brooding type will draw you right in. Just make sure their angst doesn’t steal your sunshine. If you’re in a relationship, talks could turn to a more exclusive arrangement. Fortunately, Venus counterbalances the heavy vibes, flowing through your adventurous ninth house from December 4 to 30. Cross-cultural connections and vacation romances heat up fast; coupled Pisces will have a great time traveling together. The full moon on Christmas Day could even bring a proposal, pregnancy, or other big deal moment to celebrate. Step in the name of love!

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Aries [ March 21 – April 19] :: Live out loud, Aries, it’s time to strengthen your privacy policy. From December 4 to 30, amorous Venus steals through your secretive eighth house warning you to keep your personal life on the DL. Bitching about bae or your BFF will only fuel more discontent. And with your ruler Mars in your relationship house all month, you could be equal parts exhilarated and exacerbated with the people closest to you. But, uh, how about letting THEM in what’s bugging you? The challenge in December is to deal directly and learn the power of compromise. Fortunately, the Sagittarius sun doses you with truth serum until the 21st. Tact? Not so much, so choose your words carefully. Surprise! People are more willing to hash things out than you’ve given them credit for. So don’t get your boyshorts in a bunch before you’ve given them the benefit of the doubt. The new moon on December 11 could bring a milestone moment for communication. Speak your truth and you’ll be hugging it out before you know it.

A refreshing change of scenery can do wonders for your soul — and for your relationships. Squeeze in some pre-holiday travel, if you can. That long weekend in the tropics (or on your GF’s couch) can steel you for the stress of dealing with family. And while you’ll feel like a rolling stone for most of December, the Capricorn sun casts you as the rock for a month on the 21st. Lean in to your leadership skills, even if that means taking charge of holiday plans. Your family will be especially thankful under the light of the Cancer full moon on the 25th. Untimely though it may seem, a career quest could consume you during the last third of the month. Don’t leave your laptop at home if you’re jetting off on vacation. Brilliant business visions could strike before the ball drops. Write. Them. Down.
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Taurus [April 20 – May 20] :: Oh baby, it’s cold outside! Not that you’ll notice. With December’s sultry starmap, you’ll be having too much fun behind closed doors. Until the 21st, the sun simmers in Sagittarius and your erotic eighth house. And from December 4 to 30, your ruling planet Venus stokes the embers in Scorpio and your relationship zone. Hang the Do Not Disturb sign and let the games begin. Like signmates Lena Dunham, Gigi Hadid, and Adele, you’re more of a serial monogamist than a right-swiping Romiette. Stick to that M.O. for now and you could lock in a “winter warmer” for a season — and even beyond. Already involved? The heat is on! You could reach a make-it-or-break-it moment with the new moon on the 11th. Deliver a gentle ultimatum if you must. Better you should have no one than the wrong one now. 

Don’t fall off the healthy-living wagon! Motivator Mars is pulsing through sixth house of self-care all month, giving you extra energy to burn. Mix it up between dance class and your desk — work will be busy, but you don’t want it stressing you out! Do stay focused on those Q4 goals, though. You could push an epic mission to the finish line before 2015 is through. Wanderlust hits you hard on the 21st, when the sun heads into Capricorn for a month. Thought you’d just putter around your apartment during your time off? Perish the thought! Get up, get out, and go somewhere new. Bonus points if a passport is required. “Anywhere but home” is where you should be ringing in 2016. The full moon on Christmas Day could solidify your bond with a new BFF — the perfect sidekick for your celebrations.
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Gemini [May 21 – June 20] ::  Make it a double! With the sun, Mercury, and serious Saturn visiting your relationship house in December, you could find your perfect pairing. As a Gemini, your tastes can evolve by the minute — variety is the spice of your life! Finding someone who can flow with your mutable moods is a tall order, but not an impossible one. The new moon on the 11th might just reveal a prime candidate. If you’re in a relationship, an important milestone moment may be reached under these moonbeams. Say yes to the dress — or just the exclusivity clause. You never know until you try. 

Passionate Mars makes you the life of the party all month. Leave it to you, Gemini, to know exactly where the hottest DJs are spinning, where the most amazing art is being shown, and how to score the VIP (free!) admission. Glitterbomb your wardrobe with metallics, brights, embellishments, and faux fur. You’re a style blogger’s dream this month, so turn the month into an extended costume party. But be prepared to lend a helping hand. The full moon on the 25th puts you in responsible citizen mode. Project-manage the festivities and be the anchor for a stressed-out relative. Good news about work could arrive within two weeks of the full moon. On the 30th — just before NYE — ardent Venus heads into your relationship house. That under-the-fireworks kiss could set the stage for some epic coupling in 2016. Pucker up!
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Cancer [June 21 – July 22] :: WTF, not another cheese and sausage basket. December arrives with an inconveniently timed healthy kick as the Sagittarius sun simmers through your sixth house of well-being until the 21st. Not that you shouldn’t be thankful when the box from Harry & David arrives on your doorstep. But let “all things in moderation” be your mantra this month. Deprivation is no way to live so focus on balance. Crowd your plate with roasted veggies and delicious pumpkin smoothies. Fill your schedule with enlivening yoga classes and energizing spins on the dance floor. Celebrating the season doesn’t have to take you into a bourbon-fueled downward spiral. But hey, a couple Old Fashioneds a week could certainly be fun. 

With energizer Mars in your domestic zone all month, you’ll be whistling, “I’ll be coming home for Christmas (or Hanukkah, or whatever you may be celebrating).” But don’t underestimate the angst that gets churned up during this time of year. ‘Tis the season for issues to bubble up. Plan your holidays accordingly, even springing for an Airbnb if, say, your exacerbating sister has already called dibs on the spare bedroom at your parents’ house. Romance burns brightly for Cancer this month as ardent Venus blazes in your passionate fifth house from December 4 to 30. Take the initiative and make sure the object of your desires KNOWS you are interested. (You can be kinda elusive…) Highlight of the month: X-mas Day, when the annual Cancer full moon puts you on the top of everyone’s favorites list. Use the two weeks to follow to gracefully promote yourself and put your skills on display!

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Leo [ July 23 – August 22] :: Hark the herald hotline bling! Your cell phone is blowing up this December as the sun brings the house down in your zone of celebration, glamour, and amour. You’re the hottest spotlight-stealer in the zodiac this month, so put those performance skills to work! (Google Leo Jennifer Lopez’s AMA performance if you visual inspo.) While you’ll attract attention at every turn, hold out for your true equal. With Mars zipping through your house of kindred spirits all month, exciting new people are entering your world. Step out of the bubble and go explore new scenes — and don’t feel pressured to bring your old squad along for the ride. You’ll bring everyone together…eventually. The new moon on the 11th brings a hot prospect your way. Already in a relationship? Pile the playdates onto your shared calendar. This is the month to been seen on the step-and-repeat, with your enviable arm candy in tow.

DO try to spend a little time at Chateau Leo, too. Romantic Venus nests in your domestic quarter from December 4 to 30. You could move in with bae, exchange apartment keys, or play Meet The Parents over the holidays. When the sun heads into Capricorn on the 21st, your house of healthy living, you’re already thinking about your next Core Power class. Stop baking and start roasting. There’s no reason why your holiday table can’t feature a selection of nourishing dishes. Work will be on your mind, too, and you might use some of your downtime to get organized so you can crush it from day one of 2016. On the 30th, Venus jingles into your flashy, festive, and ultra-romantic fifth house. Splurge for the VIP tickets and ring in the new year like the royal you are.

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Virgo [August 23 to September 22] :: Don ye now the…Uggs and apron? With the sun flowing through your domestic fourth house until the 21st, you’re in full-tilt nesting mode. Use the month to catch your breath — and catch up with relatives and those unwatched Scandal episodes clogging up your DVR. Low-key times will set the stage for intimacy and you could start playing house with your sweetie near the new moon on the 11th. This is also a great month for catching up with your girl gang. Female friendships are food for your soul! If you’re ready to relocate, set up appointments with those realtors and property managers and lock down your next address before the year wraps. You’ll have some late nights at the office, too, as energizer Mars cruises through your second house of income. Burn that midnight oil (and then head home for a bubble bath), because your dedication could pay off big time in early 2016. 

But all work and no play is NOT the Virgo way. You’ll be the life of the party from the 21st when the sun zings into Capricorn and your festive, flamboyant fifth house. Kick off those busted Toms and slide into the spiky heeled Tom Fords. A full moon in your 11th house of popularity on the 25th sets the stage for two weeks of super-powered socializing. Why yes, you should wrap the year swinging from a chandelier! A squad goal could come to an epic finish, too, giving you even MORE reason to put the Armand de Brignac on ice!

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Libra [September 23 – October 22] :: Friend Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and sure, Vixen…why not? Your popularity is on the rise this December as the sun splashes into your social networking zone until the 21st. Kindred spirits come out of the woodwork — especially on the local scene — and you could even meet a new BFF near the new moon on the 11th. But reserve some whitespace in your schedule for “me time,” too! All month long, motivator Mars zips through Libra, making you an opportunity magnet and a go-getter rolled into one. At times it might feel like you’re jumping out of your own skin. Burn off excess energy (and yes, stress) on the dance floor and in the spin studio. Like the Whitney Biennial, Mars only visits your sign every other year, calling you to be more of an exhibitionist. Put your skills on display and bring that chutzpah, too. It’s never been quite so easy to get a yes out of people…as long as you heap on the charm and dial back the high-pressure sales tactics.

The sun hunkers down in Capricorn and your family friendly fourth house on the 21st, getting you in the cozy holiday spirit. With all the activity from the early half of the month, your inner circle may have gotten the short end of the stick. Devote the last third of December to your most dedicated supporters. Without their love, where would you be? Female relatives will be particularly heartwarming company. On Christmas Day, however, one of the fellas in your life could truly shine under the light of the full moon. You could also get word of a career victory in the final week of the month. Don’t settle into long winter’s nap mode if your ambitious nature is activated over holiday break. You could use a portion of your downtime to nab the leading edge!

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Scorpio [October 23 – November 21] ::  Ooh la la! Your magnetism registers off the charts this December, making it obvious why you hold the title of Zodiac’s Sexiest. Enchanting Venus — planet of love and beauty — hangs in Scorpio from the 4th to the 30th, ratcheting up your charm. Although you’ll attract plenty of admirers, don’t rush to settle down. Better options may emerge when you play it cool and let them work a little harder for you. If you’re in a relationship, give yourself a longer leash. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Ready for a style refresh? Fashion-loving Venus inspires you to update your look — and even (gasp) add some pops of color to your “all noir, all the time” M.O. Whatever you’re pulling off the racks and hangers, think: investment pieces. Quality reigns over quantity this month so splurge sensibly, reaching for versatile selections that will stand the test of time.

In-between Tinder dates and Barneys runs, keep your nose to the grindstone. Work will be busy while the sun beams through Sagittarius until the 21st. You’ll have to bail on a few soirees, but your dedicated efforts will pay off in early 2016. With frenetic Mars in your 12th house of healing and release all month, your defenses are down — making you more susceptible that sneezing straphanger’s germs. To stay off the, uh, G train, load up on vitamin C, catch adequate sleep, and don’t push yourself to go out when your body says “chill.” On the 21st, you can flap those social butterfly wings again. The sun cruises through Capricorn and your garrulous third house for a month, lightening your workload and filling your cultural calendar. You need an escape! If you can swing it, why not take off for a beach vacation or ski house with your squad? Even a staycation in a hotel with a sauna and hot tub would be rejuvenating — as long as you don’t miss a legendary NYE party in the process! Ringing in 2016 in the middle of the dance floor or at an epic show is what the stars have in store for you.

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