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Happy Birthday Leos!! Leo [July 23 – August 22] :: Happy Leo season! August is your month to shine and bring your sparkliest self forward. With the sun beaming in your sign until the 22nd, you’ll feel like the red carpet is being rolled out for you. And if you’re going to sashay down life’s step-and-repeat, you might as well make a statement…right? August 2 is the date of 2016’s only new moon in Leo. Consider this a bonus New Year; a day to refresh your feed and set new resolutions. Write out a wish list or make a vision board. Then, get into action! Those dreams aren’t going to manifest themselves.
Romantically, you’re off to the races! From August 2 to September 27, white-hot Mars burns it up in Sagittarius and your fifth house of amour. Whether you’re making love or making babies, you’re ready to go all in. But you need more than just a searing sexual connection. Venus will spend most of the month in Virgo and your sensible second house, giving qualities like character, loyalty, and stability equal merit to bedroom game. When structured Saturn wakes up from a four-month nap on the 13th, you’ll need to put clear parameters around any relationship you’re in. Don’t forget, Leo: The rules are yours to write. If it’s lasting love you want, the full moon on the 18th could bring it big-time. Promise rings, engagement rings, key rings…your urge to merge could play out with a symbolic gesture.
On the 22nd, the sun decamps to Virgo and your house of practical magic for a month. Settle down and focus on everyday matters like, say, catching up on work assignments and sleep. Money opportunities could flow in, but don’t burn it as fast as you earn it. Get yourself on a budget right away, before Mercury turns retrograde from August 30 until September 22! If you’re looking for a new gig, circulate your résumé. During Mercury’s backspin, a lead could come from someone you worked with in the past.

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Virgo [August 23 – September 22] :: Help…air! As August dawns, you’ll find yourself craving wide-open spaces and lots (and lots) of breathing room. Let your nomadic nature have the wheel. Solitary time is when you’ll do your best thinking until Virgo season begins on the 22nd. You might even take a solo vacay. (May we suggest this list of amazing destinations for any woman traveling alone?) Give yourself time to process any disappointments, mourn losses, or just relax into a meditative flow. You’re creating space for the new to flow in — but first, you have to let go of the old. Hotheaded Mars blazes through your home and family sector from August 2 until September 27. You’ll need peace under your roof, or you could totally lose it. This Mars phase can bring lively, inspiring ladies into your universe — and you might even collaborate on a performance piece or professional project.
From August 5 to 29, sultry, romantic Venus luxuriates in your sign. Treat yourself to daily decadence breaks. You don’t have to spend money: Listen to playlists on a picnic blanket in the park, wander through an artists’ market, go on a photo safari in a visually stimulating part of your city. You might even enjoy the single life during this Venus phase. But you’ll certainly be in demand! Save your final rose for someone who supports your individuality. If you’re in a relationship, balance the “we time” with the “me time.” Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

On the 22nd, the sun blazes into Virgo for a month, linking up with lucky Jupiter in your sign! This cosmic combo hits the reset button on basically your entire life. Ready to relocate, kick off an independent venture, or go back to school? Change is in the air, and the stars want you to step out of your comfort zone. From August 30 to September 22, Mercury will be retrograde in your sign. Make those bold moves before the month’s end, because Mercury’s backspin is a better time for developing your dreams behind the scenes.
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Libra [September 23 – October 22] :: Let freedom ring! With the Leo sun blazing through your indie-spirited 11th house until the 22nd, August is the month to liberate yourself. You’re the sign of the scales, and let’s be honest…you can get a little judge-y at times. But set those restrictions aside and experiment. Open yourself up to new scenes, new people, and fresh experiences. Your mind will be blown — especially near the new moon on the 2nd. Already rolling with a great group? Don the social organizer’s hat and bring your friends together to maximize the summer vibes. Free outdoor concerts, food festivals, beach bonfires…the sky’s the limit.
Got an idea for a podcast, blog, Instagram how-to…or maybe your first novel? Motivator Mars cruises into Sagittarius and your communication house from August 2 until September 27, bringing momentum for projects like these. On the 13th, Saturn flips out of retrograde and joins Mars. Your words carry weight, Libra, so if you don’t use them creatively, perhaps you’ll add your voice to an activist mission or help on a political campaign. 
Your ruling planet Venus cruises through Virgo and your fantasy-fueled 12th house from August 5 to 29, bringing the potential for a fairy-tale romance. Is it gonna last forever, or will it go down in flames? You won’t know for sure until the full moon on August 18. But in the meanwhile, you might as well get swept away. Coupled Libras could grow closer (we’re even talking engagements or pregnancies) under these moonbeams. Venus slinks through Libra from August 29 until October 22, turning up your It Factor even more! But you’ll need more time to yourself after August 22, when the sun slips into Virgo and your solitary, restorative 12th house for a month. This is a time for letting go and clearing the path for the new before Libra season begins. Don’t forget: Every goodbye, while sad, is also a hello to untapped possibilities.

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Scorpio [October 23 – November 21] ::  Success is in the stars for you this August! Until the 22nd, the Leo sun reigns in your career zone giving you the “high pro glow.” While you may have to skip a few late-night benders and beach days, the rewards will be worth the sacrifice — especially since some influential eyes are watching you. Keep it polished and professional! The new moon on the 2nd could bring the month’s first fateful opportunity. Not that you have to hang around waiting to be discovered. Promote yourself shamelessly. Your co-ruler, driven Mars, leaves Scorpio on the 2nd (sniff) but moves on to Sagittarius and your money zone until September 27. All those brilliant ideas you’ve dreamed up since late May will finally catch fire. And when stabilizing Saturn snaps out of retrograde on the 13th, you could lock down a powerful assignment, a regular (and well-paying!) client, or be recommended for a raise and promotion. Do your part, Scorpio. Update your LinkedIn, and ask friends to put in a good word on your behalf. Devote yourself to activities that are profitable in some way. Strategic socializing can get you in good with some seriously influential people this month.
Although you’d rather be power-lunching, matters close to home demand attention near the full moon on the 18th. Make sure everything’s cool with relatives, roommates — and, of course, your landlord — because buried issues could rise up. If it’s time to move, this full moon could shine on a lucky listing. Maybe you’ll travel with family or take a journey back home to connect to your roots.

Your popularity is on the rise this month, thanks to charming Venus’ dance through your 11th house of community and technology. Whatever you wish for — cool furniture, new friends, a date to your homegirl’s wedding — is a mere swipe or status update away. On the 22nd, the sun joins Venus there making you even more in demand! You could find love in the friend zone or through a group activity. Attached? Socialize more often with your sweetie — playful hangouts strengthen your bond. 

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Sagittarius [November 22 – December 21] ::Ready to get your swagger back, Archer? August’s reviving starmap brings you back to your personal power center — at last! Enough moping around and dwelling on past disappointments. On the 2nd, motivator Mars blasts into Sagittarius until September 27 getting you hyped about your personal ambitions. This is the red planet’s second visit to your sign in 2016. The first round was from March 5 until May 27. But on April 17, Mars turned retrograde and your promising plans hit a huge speed bump. Good news! You can get back to the business of world domination now — and even more so after August 13, when master planner Saturn snaps out of retrograde and powers forward through your sign for the rest of 2016. No cutting corners! The Mars-Saturn duo insists that you build your dreams on a solid foundation, even if that means taking a little longer to get to the finish line. 
In-between the hustling, make time for a vacation or two. The Leo sun blazes a trail through your ninth house until the 22nd, making you equally adventurous and ambitious. Go glamping at a festival, road trip across five states, or collect a new passport stamp. This trip could happen quite spontaneously, especially near the new moon on the 2nd. Traveling for work is another possibility when the sun joins your ruling planet Jupiter in Virgo and your career zone from the 22nd on. 
Romantically, August’s stars urge you to keep your standards high. Early in the month, you’ll feel the pull of your own inner player — the wild Centaur within who loves the thrill of the chase. But don’t let a good one slip away! After the 22nd, you’ll appreciate enduring qualities like loyalty and stability. You shouldn’t settle for someone who bores you…but the alpha peacock is probably not going to keep you warm at night. Find a middle ground. 

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Capricorn [December 22 – January 19] :: 
 Plunge into the emotion ocean. August’s starmap brings all the feels — and more intensely than your calm, cool, and collected sign is used to. Just go with it! With the Leo sun simmering in your intimate eighth house until the 22nd, a few key relationships will deepen in direct proportion to your vulnerability. By the time the month is through, you’ll know who your real friends are. (Read: the ones who love you when your makeup game is banging and when it’s running down your cheeks after an ugly cry.) 
Romantically, August will bring its share of seductive vibes. With Mars in your 12th house of fantasy, you could be swept away. Don’t feel obligated to make this romance Instagram-official. Keep the deliciously private thrills between you and bae. But if it feels too secretive…red flag! You’re nobody’s number-two, Capricorn! Insist on an exclusivity clause, and if you’re already in a relationship, talk “next steps” before the 22nd. A cross-cultural attraction could heat up while Venus tours your worldly ninth house from August 5 to 29. Coupled Caps, seize this window for a sexy getaway. Slip off to a rustic-chic Airbnb like these, or rent an RV for a cross-state road trip. Any kind of travel will do after the 22nd, when the sun sails into Virgo and your worldly ninth house. Make sure your passport is up-to-date, because you could be crossing international borders.
Make sure you have a Wi-Fi signal mid-month! The full moon on the 18th lights up your work and money house, bringing word of a job offer or a hot client lead. Your enterprising nature takes the wheel again when the sun sails into Virgo for a month on the 22nd. Lucky Jupiter will be riding shotgun, bringing opportunities from far and wide. You could travel for work or to develop your own business idea. Keep your big plans on the low, and have people sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before you show them anything. With Mercury flipping into retrograde from August 30 to September 22, it’s essential that you value and protect your profitable ideas 

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Aquarius [January 20 – February 18] :: 
 Who will be the Hiddleston to your Swift…or the Kanye to your Kim, depending on which side you’re taking? No matter! August is the month of the power couple for Aquarians. Whether for business, pleasure, or a hybrid of both, sacrifice some of your staunch independence and double up. The new moon on the 2nd could illuminate a promising candidate for the role of your other half. With Venus in your sultry 8th house from August 5 to 29, the mysterious and artsy type could get your final rose. You could meet through your existing friend group or a fortuitous right swipe. Already attached? Get discussions underway about “next steps.” Maybe you clear a few hangers in the closet and copy your apartment key, maybe you legit move in together. Progress is what you’re aiming for here…even if this raises the BPM of your commitment-shy heart.
Socially, you’ll want to be more selective this month. Eager Mars blazes through your 11th house of community from August 2 to September 27, making it easy to get hyped about 1,001 activities. But mindful Saturn will ride shotgun to Mars, warning you not to overextend yourself. If you’re going to fill out any membership paperwork, make sure you’re really into the group and the activity. You could become a serious force (hello, Madam President) within this organization. Tensions in your friend group could definitely heat up with Mars here. But when Saturn snaps out of retrograde mode on the 17th, you’ll be able to clear the air in a mature way…even if that means lovingly agreeing that everybody needs to move in different directions.
The 18th will be epic! That day, the annual full moon in Aquarius shines diamond-bright in the skies. Your hard work and self-improvement missions of the past six months could hit a milestone. If you’re ready to drop your album, make a big announcement on Instagram, or take a huge, life-changing risk, this is your day!

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Pisces [February 19 – March 20] ::  Salud, Pisces! Your Fitbit could become your fiercest accessory this August as the Leo sun lunges through your healthy-living zone. No more moping around! Scale back on the bottomless margaritas, and add more açaí bowls and kale salads to your plate. Moving your body lifts your spirits and brings flow to any stuck areas of life. Your career will be one of those, Pisces. The new moon on the 2nd could bring word of a job opening or an assignment that actually excites you. That same day, go-getter Mars blasts into Sagittarius and your 10th house of success until September 27. Schedule the power lunches — even if you have to sacrifice a few pool days in the process. You have the Midas touch this month. Aim even higher than you think is possible because odds are good you’ll hit the mark. Just make sure you can back up your swagger with your skills. When strict Saturn snaps out of retrograde on the 13th, you’ll be asked to prove yourself.
Lasting love is in the stars as amorous Venus heads into Virgo and your relationship zone from August 5 to 29. The law of “opposites attract” is in full force; you’ll be surprised by who makes you swoon. Be careful about mixing business with pleasure: A coworker crush could get complicated, especially when your ruler, hazy Neptune, opposes Venus on the 14th. And if you’re thinking about starting a business with your best friend or bae, proceed slowly. Spell out your roles clearly and even draft a contract. Sounds awkward, but it could be the saving grace for your bond. Partnerships heat up even more when the sun joins Mercury, Venus, and lucky Jupiter in Virgo from the 22nd on. And heads up: Mercury will turn retrograde from August 30 to September 22. An important person — someone you dated, even — could reappear as the month draws to a close.

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Aries [March 21 – April 19] :: 
 Where will you make your next Poké Stop, Aries? August is a playful, adventurous month — one that could shuttle you miles from home. The Leo sun illuminates your fifth house of pleasure, passion, and romance until the 22nd, making fun your first priority. Open your heart! The new moon on August 2 will stoke the embers of love — or renew the sparks for coupled Rams. Ring-shopping or picking out baby names could even be in the cards if you’re ready to #levelup. Got talent? You wouldn’t be an Aries if you didn’t! The spotlight beckons this August. Bring your talents into the public eye, as these moonbeams sanction shameless (but strategic) self-promotion. Pitch, perform, present. You’ll knock it out of the park.
Your ruling planet Mars blazes a trail through Sagittarius and your worldly ninth house from August 2 to September 27. Grab your backpack and your passport, and seize this stellar window for traveling. Your journey might involve a workshop or educational retreat. And don’t be surprised if you dream up an epic business idea before the month is through. Pursuing could be profitable — especially when success-obsessed Saturn rolls out of retrograde on the 13th. 
Give your body some love! From August 5 to 29, radiant Venus tours your wellness zone sounding the call for self-care. Work more clean, green food onto your plate and make movement a daily priority. (Here’s a workout playlist to keep you pumped.) On the 22nd, the sun joins Venus, switching your mode from hedonist to health nut. With lucky Jupiter riding shotgun, work could get busy. Before you take on a challenging assignment, however, make sure you really know what responsibilities it entails. Mercury turns retrograde from August 30 to September 22, which could turn the most basic task into an aggravating headache. But if you love what you’re doing, you won’t mind…THAT much.

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Taurus [April 20 – May 20] :: 
 Hammock living, anyone? With the Leo sun simmering in your domestic zone until August 22, home is where your heart is. When you’ve caught up on your fiction reads and emptied the Netflix queue, bless your nest with a few upgrades. Does your space reflect your current interests? Turn that empty corner into a home office or a yoga room. And make sure the spare linens are fresh. Old friends and family could roll through for a visit, and you’ll be happy to play hostess. Looking for a new address or a roommate? The new moon on the 2nd could reveal a lucky listing or the perfect person to share your space. But you’ll also need peace and quiet, so look for a rear-facing apartment and ix-nay the super-chatty ball of energy whose long, albeit hilarious, stories will quickly wear on your nerves.
Add some erotica to that reading list, too — and make room in the hammock for a plus-one. Lusty Mars slinks into your intimate and seductive eighth house from August 2 to September 27. An intense relationship heats up fast, and you could be drawn to the brooding, mysterious type. Careful about playing with fire, Taurus: The initial excitement could turn into obsession with Mars here. You have better things to do with your summer than anxiously wait (and wait) for a reply to your text. But pick someone trustworthy, and you could have the makings of a happily ever after. Coupled Bulls could get even more serious when Saturn wakes up from snooze mode on the 13th. On the 22nd, the sun enters Virgo and your fifth house of romance for a month, and Cupid will be slinging arrows pointed straight for your heart.
The full moon on the 18th brings lucky news for your career! At last, you could be recognized for your hard work of the past six months. Set up a performance review or talk to corporate about growth opportunities. Your competitive spirit is stoked on the 22nd, when the sun blazes into Virgo and your fifth house of fame, leadership, and self-expression. Nothing wrong with wanting to be the best and the brightest! And with worldly Jupiter sailing alongside the sun, your talents could reach far across the globe.

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Gemini [May 21-  June 20] :: Use your words, Gemini! And sorry, emojis and memes don’t count. Saying it with a kissing heart or Beyoncé GIF may get the point across, sure. But with the Leo sun sailing through your communication zone until the 22nd, a direct statement will really pack the punch — particularly with the people closest to you. From August 2 until September 27, red-hot Mars blazes through Sagittarius and your seventh house of relationships. A romance that got sidelined this spring could heat up again. If you’re attached, you could get those #LoveGoals back on track. Single Gems will be eager to find their missing puzzle piece, which could even happen through the introduction of a helpful friend. 
Partnerships of all manners will be blessed by this Mars phase, so get the #twinning going with a creative or professional project. Careful, though, because high-octane Mars can make you move a little too fast. Falling in love with someone’s potential is natural. But make sure this “soul mate” backs it up with legit proof of worthiness. Pacing yourself will help. When stable Saturn snaps out of retrograde on the 13th, you’ll have an easier time judging. And on the 24th, you could meet someone who brings the perfect blend of excitement and predictability. 
Beautifying Venus sashays through Virgo and your domestic zone from August 5 to 29, inspiring a home-decor mission. Bless your nest with a few upgrades and set up a space for guests. Old friends and family might couch-surf through town. Indulge in vacation vibes during the full moon on the 18th — or jet off on a getaway with the girls after the 22nd. Mercury turns retrograde in your home zone from August 30 to September 22, which is the perfect time to reunite with relatives and old friends. But watch out, because your inner circle will also be extra sensitive then.

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Cancer [June 21-  July 22] ::  Basic doesn’t have to mean boring, Cancer. In August, following the rule of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sweetheart) will bring massive relief. Scale back a little and you’ll see — you’ve been making life harder than it needs to be. With the sun in Leo and your sensible second house until August 22, stick to your budget and don’t overload your schedule. The best things in life can be free: Organize a clothing swap, head to outdoor concerts, wander through gorgeous state parks. Ahh. 
Focus on your income, too! With motivator Mars in your sixth house of daily work and wellness, you could put more than a few feathers in your cap. The new moon on the 2nd could bring a job offer or promotion. Either that, or you could land an assignment that sets you up for future growth. Banish summer blues with regular workouts. Organize your hangouts around movement-based activities like bike rides, dancing, and long walks. 
Flirt alert! Amorous Venus is bouncing through your curious, playful third house from August 5 to 29. Feel free to swipe right liberally: Dating apps will certainly bring some adventures, if not true love. But don’t let a good one slip away! The full moon on the 18th could put a soul mate on your direct path (and no, that isn’t a Squirtle or Charmander you’re looking at). Existing relationships could go through a loyalty test during this full moon. Don’t forget where your bread is buttered, Cancer — or put up with anyone doing the same to you. The sun’s tour of Virgo from the 22nd turns you into a social butterfly again. Get out and mingle! The people you meet could turn out to be future collaborators or kindred spirits…well worth putting on the fancy sundress for, Cancer.

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