Astrology :: April 2017 Horoscopes


Aries [March 21 to April 19] :: Renew, revive, and refresh! April is Aries season, as the sun glows in your sign until the 19th. This annual solar charge gives you a free pass to start over in any area of life you choose. Get the inspiration boards going and take time to dabble and expand your palette before settling on a favorite. Dig in the crates, too. With celestial stylist Venus in retrograde until the 15th, you could reprise an old look with a 2017 spin. A creative project that got shelved prematurely could also get a second life this month. Keep tons of flexibility in your schedule so you can follow the muse at a moment’s notice. Question: Can you monetize that? Your originality could bring a positive shake to your money maker, as your cosmic ruler Mars will be in Taurus and your cash-positive second house until the 21st. Have a solid plan in place before you debut anything. From April 9 to May 3, messenger Mercury will join the retrograde brigade, slipping back into Aries on the 20th and increasing the likelihood of misunderstandings. TBH, it might be best to develop your genius behind the scenes until early May. But if you must schedule a big reveal before then, dot every i and cross all those t’s. The new moon on the 26th would be the best day for pursuing all things income related, and might even illuminate a new job.

Romantically, you’re fire this month, with attention flowing in from new admirers. The Libra full moon on the 11th lands in your committed relationship house and you may feel ready to bestow a more formal title on a partnership. Secretly and simultaneously, however, your heart may pine for someone from your past, especially while Venus is retrograde until the 15th. While it’s easy to glorify “the one that got away,” don’t rewrite historical facts. There was a reason why things didn’t work out…remember, Aries? If everything “love” feels vague in April, just surrender and be patient (or try!). On the 28th, Cupid will be back in your corner again as Venus pops back into your sign until June 6. This is the second time this year that Venus has toured Aries — lucky you! Her first visit was from February 3 until April 2, but since she turned retrograde in your sign on March 4, it’s been hard to get a clear read on anyone’s feelings, including your own. Attractions that got short-circuited last month could heat up again at the end of April.

Platonic partnerships get a planetary boost on the 21st as your ruler, Mars, bolts into Gemini. It’s going to take someone special for you to set aside your fierce, independent spirit. Don’t rule out the possibility. A kindred spirit could storm into your world. Spoiler alert: This person might even be your so-called “competition.” Keep an open mind!



Taurus [April 20 to May 20] :: Charge ahead, Bull! (Red cape not required.) Go-getter Mars is burning it up in your sign until the 21st, fueling your drive, ambition, and sex appeal. The red planet only visits your sign every other year, so make the most of this cosmic booster pack. Pursue personal dreams and passion projects with unyielding vigor — just make sure there’s enough soul in those goals. With the Aries sun lighting up your enchanted and esoteric 12th house until the 19th, a surface win might look good, but the buzz will wear off fast. To truly feel the victory, make sure your efforts are benefitting other people, bringing positive energy into the world, and allowing you to express your true beliefs and values. No, the basic types won’t get it right off the bat. But that’s par for the course when you’re blazing trails. Stay true to yourself and craft your message strategically. With expressive Mercury turning retrograde from April 9 until May 3 (and retreating through the Taurus zone of the sky until April 20), you might even hold off on any big reveals until Cinco de Mayo. Make your efforts about self-discovery, not living for the applause (applause).

Not that there won’t be plenty of fan love and support. Charming Venus (your ruler) is cruising through your community zone until the 28th, helping you rally a squad for your missions. Enlist past collaborators while Venus is retrograde until the 15th. A sequel hit is written in the stars. New groups show up on your radar in April’s second half. Romantically, Venus’ backspin can be frustrating, even leaving you stuck in the friend zone. But with passion planet Mars in your sign, your mojo shows zero signs of slowing down. Don’t rule out a safe spring fling as you master the art of the joy toy. Coupled Tauruses should get out and socialize more often as a pair. Fortifying your friendship and trust can heat up your exploratory conversations in the bedroom.

Taurus season begins on the 19th and you’re back in your fiercest element. This monthlong solar cycle brings more energy for your ambitions — and with Mars moving on to Gemini and your money zone from April 21 to June 4, you could literally make it rain. (Hello, April showers!) On the 26th, the annual new moon in Taurus brings another cosmic refresh. Wipe the slate clean and start your reinvention tour. Six months from now, with the November 4 Taurus full moon, you could feel like an upgraded version of your already amazing self. Just remember: Without risk there can be no reward.



Gemini [May 21 to June 20] :: Teamwork makes the dream work for Gemini this April — if you pick the right partners. With the Aries sun beaming in your communal 11th house until the 19th, there will be no shortage of collaborators clamoring for your attention. You’ll love this, but be ultra-discerning nonetheless. Excitable Mars swirls through Taurus and your 12th house of illusions until the 21st and Mercury will also be retrograde from April 9 to May 3. Although you might have that “insta-BFFs” feeling, dig into people’s backgrounds, qualifications, and histories before you get too entangled. You might even test the waters with a one-time project to see how your energies actually gel. If nothing else, this will just give you the confidence to move ahead with ease. Is money changing hands? Are you standing under the same umbrella or sharing responsibilities? Have all the awkward convos on the front end. Whether you’re starting a band or a business it’s essential to outline everything in writing. Make a legal budget for bigger deal collabs. A few hours of an attorney’s time can get everything off on the right foot — and ensure that you don’t wind up in arbitration a year from now, trying to undo some lame non-compete clause that you should have never signed.

The Libra full moon on the 11th marks one of your 2017 romantic hotspots. A crush could go from casual flirtation to full-on lovefest in the blink of a glitter shadowed eye. With Venus retrograde in your goal-oriented 10th house until April 15, try not to freak out about “The Future.” Some experiences aren’t meant to last for a happily-ever-after, but they’re still worthy chapters for your love story. If you know you’ve found a good one, the second half of April is a fine time for mapping out your next steps, which could even include bambinos or bling on a certain finger. Coupled Gems might even book a therapy session together before April is through. Sometimes, you just need an interpreter to help you find those win-wins and reveal that you’re actually on the same page after all.

Ready to fly free? Passion planet Mars zooms into Gemini from April 21 to June 4, a mojo-boosting event that only comes every other year. (Last one was May 11 to June 24, 2015.) If you’ve been caught in a bad romance or draining job, you won’t be able to stand it much longer. Map out your exit strategy and spread your wings. No matter your status, your independent spirit will cry out for airtime while Mars tours Gemini. Practice your moves and get ready for the stage, podium or video studio after Mercury turns direct May 3.



Cancer [June 21 to July 22] :: Ready, set, ascend! The Aries sun sets your career house on fire this April — and the (glass) ceiling can’t hold you. Crash into that so-called boy’s club and claim your place. Or, take charge of an initiative that’s been floundering for leadership. Ready to sign your own paychecks? Cancer LLC could be launched this month or you could get to work on a business plan for future ignition. While you’re definitely at the head of the pack, don’t forget the essential ingredient: a strong, supportive team. You may be the Zodiac’s Alpha female, but that doesn’t mean you should do everything yourself. Delegating means reaching the finish line faster — if you have reliable people on your side. Recruit beyond your inner circle. It might be easier to motivate people who you aren’t so cozy with socially (or related to!). With Mercury turning retrograde from April 9 to May 3, you could have a promance with a group you worked with in the past. Get the proverbial band back together, but set clear ground rules and expectations to avoid meltdowns during Mercury’s backspin. And while you want to be democratic, don’t give away too much power if you have a vision to bring to life.

Socially, April will be equally abuzz, especially after the 19th, when the Taurus sun strengthens your butterfly wings. Reunite with peeps from the past and connect them to all the newbies in your crew. Give family priority near the full moon on the 11th, though. The VIPs could feel neglected with your calendar so full. These moonbeams could shine on a lucky listing so if you’re in the market for a move, so stay alert. La luna could also reveal the need for an updated decor scheme. Start with a Pinterest board because Mercury’s backspin could find your tastes fluctuating from Danish modern to shabby chic in the blink of an eye.

Can you squeeze in a vacation? Decadent, romantic Venus in Pisces activates your wanderlust through the 28th. But until the 15th, she will also spin retrograde. If you slip off before then, make it a nostalgic voyage — perhaps revisiting the place you and your S.O. first professed your love or to visit a romantic prospect from your past. Who knows? Things might actually click this time around. Relationships require more authenticity and honesty. Stop holding in your needs because you don’t want to “burden” anyone. While your love interest may or may not be able to meet every one of these desires, a truthful dialogue will set you free. Single? The new moon on the 26th could bring a lucky right swipe or fateful intro through mutual friends.



Leo [July 23 to August 22] :: Let the freedom tour begin! Your wanderlust is fully activated as the Aries sun beams in your worldly ninth house until the 19th. Whether you’re bound for Croatia or Coachella, a change of scenery is just what your soul needs. If you can’t travel literally, sign up for webinars and weekend workshops that help you develop new dimensions of your personality. Road trips, even for just one day, can be like mini-revivals — especially near the Libra full moon on the 11th. Grab your bestie, cue up the playlists, and let spontaneity be your GPS. Just don’t forget the spare tire. From April 9 to May 3, Mercury will be retrograde, which can mess with all things information and transportation-related. This time the backspin takes place in Taurus (your career zone), then, after the 20th, in Aries (your travel sector). There’s no way this will prevent you from exploring, nor should it. Just take extra precautions, like ordering your Lyft to the airport earlier and making reservations instead of just “showing up and finding a hotel.” Close to home, go out of your way to build bridges with people of different backgrounds. Diversity is everything in 2017, even if it takes a little courage to break the initial sheet of ice. Your warmth always wins hearts, Leo.

When it comes to love, you won’t be quite so laid-back. Amorous Venus is simmering in Pisces and your eighth house of intensity and seduction — and until the 15th, she will be in a signal-scrambling retrograde. You could take everything more personally, even falling prey to possessiveness and jealousy at times. Get the facts before you react — or burn your latest crush in a regrettable Tweetstorm. An old flame could text out of the blue or your mind may wander to “the best sex I ever had.” Alas, this person is also likely to come with some sketchy credentials. Don’t open up old wounds, Leo. You have better things to do this spring than obsess! Coupled Leos, save the “what’s next for us” chats until Venus corrects course after the 15th.

Work will be busy and you’d be wise to focus your attention there. Go-getter Mars is barreling through your ambitious 10th house until the 21st, fueling your ascent up the ladder of success. And on the 19th, the sun camps out in Taurus for a month, amplifying your high pro glow. The new moon on the 26th could bring word of a job offer, promotion, or rep-boosting assignment. Don’t wait to be sought out. Pitch your own projects, too! A powerhouse team could assemble while Mars cruises through Gemini and your collaborative 11th house from April 21 until June 4.



Virgo [August 23 to September 22] :: With the Aries sun heating up your erotic eighth house until the 19th, April is off to a sultry start. The mysterious types could draw you like a moth to a flame and you could get a little obsessed with a bad boy or girl. But ultimately, you’re looking for the real deal now. Existing relationships could evolve to a deeper level — “Instagram official” or even “I’m engaged, bitches!” Then arises the question: How close is “too close,” Virgo? This month, you’ll crave connectivity and independence in equal measure. Keep the calendar balanced, reserving slots for “we time” and “me time.” Absence makes your heart grow fonder — and your bedroom game hotter. What’s most important is that you are in tune with your body, which might mean sleeping longer, doing yoga, dancing, or even taking a workshop like burlesque 101 or orgasmic breathing. Amorous Venus lingers in Pisces and your relationship house until the 28th, but she’s in a signal-jamming retrograde until the 15th. Be discerning about who you let into your boudoir — and with exes popping up out of the blue, you may need to do some screening (or full-on blocking) to discipline yourself. Because managing that addiction is all about avoiding the first Snap…

Getting out of town can do wonders this month, especially when the sun beams into Taurus and your wanderlust sector for a month on the 19th. Coachella calls! Or maybe some couchsurfing with your girl in NOLA or Paris. Just plan with extra precautions, because Mercury will be retrograde from April 9 to May 3, which can cause snafus with scheduling. Revisiting a place from your past can be easier than staking out new terrain during Mercury’s backspins. Coupled Virgos, how about a nostalgic voyage to one of your favorite romantic hotspots?

When it comes to cash, your entrepreneurial spirit will be stoked while Mars traverses your venturesome ninth house until the 21st. After that, the powerhouse planet moves on to Gemini and your 10th house of leadership. Go after the prestige and the promotion — or take charge of your own initiative and earn your place among the influencers. Colleagues from your past could pop up for a profitable sequel, thanks to Mercury retro. On the 11th, the full moon in Libra lights up your income zone, which could also bring happy news for your bank account. Score!



Libra [September 23 to October 22] :: Here’s new that will make your heart sing, Libra: April’s planets are all about partnership. As one of the Zodiac’s people lovers and romantics (don’t even try to deny it!), you enjoy being half of a dynamic duo. The sun beams in Aries and your relationship corner until the 19th, then Taurus and your erotic eighth house after that. Lusty Mars will add fire to your loins until the 21st — hello, spring fever! Obviously, attracting romance will not be the hard part. Choosing the right players for your game? Now that could get trickier. Amorous Venus will be retrograde until April 15, which could leave you pining for an ex or even make you a little too critical of your perfectly loving mate. Tone down the demands, kay? Then, from April 9 to May 3, communicator Mercury dips into a signal-jamming retrograde through the relationship zones of your chart. Lovers’ quarrels (and jealousy!) could pop up over the smallest, stupidest things. Maybe it feels like certain needs aren’t being met. But look at it objectively: Is it really your sweetie’s job to give that to you? Perhaps this is your call to branch out a bit and expand your friend list, taking pressure off the relationship in the process.

Don’t forget to honor your “me time,” even if you are drunk in love. The full moon in Libra (2017’s only one) reminds you of your magic on the 11th. Reconnect to one of your personal passions, even sign up for an independent adventure like a solo vacation or a spring semester workshop. And how about those Sundays where you just sleep in or hang out at the spa? Your energy may feel lower until the 19th while the sun is in your opposite sign (Aries). Don’t push yourself to mingle when what you really need is a massage and eight hours of beauty rest.

Financially, you’d do well to apply the partnership principle this month, too. Seek a complementary force who enjoys all the tasks that you find tedious. When Mars sails into Gemini and your entrepreneurial ninth house on the 21st, you could be inspired to start a new venture, publish your own book, or even design a class for extra income. Don’t start ordering supplies too soon. Mercury retrograde demands that you work from a solid plan. This Mars cycle, which lasts from April 21 to June 4, will activate your nomadic instincts. Start planning your next big vacation, ideally that you’ll take once Mercury corrects course on May 3. Bonus points if a different language is spoken at the destination. Download the Duolingo app and start practicing some basic phrases!



Scorpio [October 23 to November 21] :: Working or werking? April’s busy, buzzy starmap will bring equal opportunities for both. With the Aries sun hunkered down in your industrious sixth house until the 19th, opportunities to blow off assignments will be non-existent. But if you’re tired of watching the sun go down from your cubicle window, get organized! Working smarter (not harder) means giving up some control and training the people who are supposed to be your teammates. No, they probably can’t ever match your exacting standards, but with some hand-holding, they might get close. Give up a few of your trade secrets in the name of sanity. A powerful partner from your past might even show up for a sequel when your ruler Pluto U-turns into its annual retrograde from the 20th until September 28. It takes a lot to earn your trust, Scorpio, so you’ll be happy to see — or seek out — this familiar face.

In April, self-care is essential to keep stress at bay, so figure out how to get a few workouts on the calendar every week. Working the glutes (in between working your butt off) has untold health benefits so even some squats in the break room can help. A mentor or helpful exec could notice your hustle near the full moon on the 11th and help usher you through the ranks. Do what it takes to strategically promote yourself — it’s important that people know that you are the genius behind the latest team victory. Humblebrags allowed.

Getting noticed won’t be hard as Venus holds court in Pisces and your flamboyant, expressive — and romantic — fifth house until the 28th. One catch: She will also be retrograde through April 15, which could draw the wrong kind of attention if you aren’t careful. Ignore that Snapchat from your disruptive ex or the “Where u at?” text that comes from your 4 a.m. hookup of 2016. You could get sucked into their undertow…again. Save your final rose for someone who is sexy and sane. With white-hot Mars burning a trail through your relationship houses all month, you could lock down lasting love. An existing relationship could heat up, too — but fierce Mars can also bring the lovers’ quarrels. Take cool-down breaks if you start arguing, especially since communication planet Mercury will also be retrograde from April 9 until May 3. So many misunderstandings…so not worth the fight. Single and looking? Your success rate soars when the sun heads into Taurus for a month on the 19th. And on the 26th, the Taurus new moon could shine on one special soul. Coupled Scorpios may have an exciting announcement to share near the month’s end.



Sagittarius [November 22 to December 21] :: Are you ready for your walk of fame? With the Aries sun sparkling in your glamorous and romantic fifth house until the 19th, you’ll easily pull all eyes in your direction. But before you unleash the 24/7 maximalism, take a moment to strategize. What do you actually want to be known for, Archer? Where do your true passions lie? Getting that “applause, applause” can be a major confidence boost but that buzz won’t last forever. Aim for longevity and a reputation built on merit along with all the sparkle. Master-teacher Saturn is on his third year (of three) in your sign. This cycle, which ends on December 19 (hallelujah!), has definitely toned down some of your shoot-from-the-hip impulsivity and made you wiser in your judgments. On April 5, Saturn goes on sabbatical, retrograding through your sign until August 25. There’s one more lesson in patience and following due process to learn in 2017. Make your cameos, but save your big reveal until you’ve polished everything to a high pro glow.

Another reason not to rush into the limelight? Visual Venus is retrograde (appearing to move backwards) in your low-key fourth house until the 15th. And from April 9 to May 3, Mercury will also be retrograde, a time where your important message could get lost in translation. Burn the midnight oil behind the scenes and step out to socialize without pressure to perform. Simply surrounding yourself with amazing people will be fuel for your inspo tanks. The full moon on the 11th could solidify your standing with an important circle of people. Becoming an official member of the squad — or even signing up for a webinar or mastermind group — can upgrade your life in amazing ways. The new moon on the 26th could bring a new client or job offer as a result of your savvy networking and raw skills.

Romantically, the Aries sun brings bright prospects, but Venus’ position in Pisces until the 28th can make you crave more space and solitude. And cuddling. Then, on the 21st, passionate Mars heads into Gemini and your relationship house until June 4. Your urge to merge will intensify — as will your argumentative streak. There’s a thin line between love and hate, as they say. We wouldn’t be surprised if you wound up in bed with the very person you just demolished in a political diatribe. (No photos, please.) But ultimately, shared values are the glue and you’ll do best with a partner who isn’t afraid to disagree with you but also isn’t diametrically opposed to, say, your intersectional feminist values. Coupled Archers could feel the pace quicken during this Mars cycle. Once you’ve worked through every objection, you might just have a big announcement to make!



Capricorn [December 22 to January 19] :: No rush to emerge from hibernation mode, Capricorn. In April, you’ll be equal parts homebody and high-profile hedonist (styled interchangeably in athleisure and runway-inspired looks). The sun nests in Aries and your domestic fourth house until the 19th and there will be moments that you just can’t motivate off the couch to meet friends. Entertaining at home, however, will be epic. (Invest in a few folding chairs or a stack of pillows for seating in your apartment.) Intensifying your low-key vibes will be your ruling planet, ambitious Saturn, who dips into a sleepy retrograde from April 5 to August 25. A meditation practice might be more your groove than mashing into a crowd of Coachella concertgoers. But keep your dancing shoes near. Passion planet Mars is buzzing through Taurus and your festive, flamboyant, and romantic fifth house until the 21st, providing the “party in the U.S.A.” fuel for your tanks. On the 19th, the sun heads into Taurus for a month, freeing your social butterfly from the cocoon.

The Mars-sun magic will also do exciting things for your love life. Your cool reserve dissolves in the face of some steamy adventures — and even some rare PDA. (Get a room!) Amorous Venus is retrograde until April 15, which could draw back a promising prospect from your past. Reach out to “the Tinder date that got away.” Timing may be on your side now. Someone from the friend zone could profess love before April is through, or you could meet a promising match near the new moon on the 26th. Stay open! But run the background checks on anyone new, because Mercury will also be in a signal-blurring retrograde from April 9 to May 3. All that glitters ain’t gold. In an LTR? Dive into those topics you usually avoid. These retrogrades help you bring every potential issue into the light so you can negotiate win-wins and both get your needs met. Awkward though this may be, you’ll feel so relieved once honest feelings are on the table. Timing is everything, so maybe wait until you’re somewhere private to open up those cans of worms.

Work with women could bring a slam-dunk success this month. Make it a sister act! A career victory may arrive with the full moon on the 11th. Get that elbow grease ready: Motivator Mars heads into your work and wellness zone from April 21 to June 4 — a time to get moving on a prestige-boosting project and your spring fitness goals!



Aquarius [January 20 to February 18] :: Night on the town or evening of Netflix? You’ll need a healthy dose of both this April, Aquarius. This month’s planet have range. With the sun buzzing through Aries and your ultra-social third house until the 19th, you’ll have major FOMO. Fill your calendar with cultural activities, yoga classes, and road trips (Coachella, anyone?), but be careful about making commitments that you can’t back out of. Energizer Mars is napping in Taurus and your home-loving fourth house until the 21st. Some nights you’ll just be tapped, Aquarius, and you don’t want to burn out because you promised to work the merch table for your friend’s band after nine-plus grueling hours at your desk. (Boundaries!) Besides that, you need a vacation! Try to fit one in near the 11th, when the Libra full moon activates your wanderlust. Libra is the sign of partnership, so bring your favorite person — a romantic interest or bestie — along for the journey. Plan with care, triple-confirm bookings, and order the Lyft early: Info-bot Mercury will be retrograde from April 9 to May 3, which can screw with scheduling and reservations made in haste.

When it comes to love, you’ll be in a slow-and-steady groove for the first half of April. Amorous Venus spins retrograde until the 15th, which could make you feel a bit more reserved — old-fashioned, even. But on the 21st, red-hot Mars storms into Gemini and your ultra-passionate fifth house until June 4. A bubbling attraction could go exothermic before spring is through! Talks of engagements and even bambinos could be on the table — or you could live it up like a bachelorette before her first rose ceremony. This Mars cycle gives you major starpower. The camera loves you, Aquarius, and YouTube celeb or spoken word performer might be credits to add to your dossier by June.

More domestic vibes flow in on the 19th when the sun dips into Taurus for a month. Start a Pinterest board because an elegant upgrade to Chez Aquarius (or a move to a snazzier apartment) could be in the works. But with Mercury in reverse until May 3, you don’t want to load up on neo-Victorian chandeliers only to realize Japanese minimalism is more your 2017 style. Explore all options, pick up paint swatches and sleep on it! The new moon on the 26th could even reveal a new roommate or give you a chance to mend fences with an important woman in your life. Looking for collaborators on a project? A powerful woman could step forward for the sister act of the century.



Pisces [February 19 to March 20] :: Count your coin, Pisces — then, start strategizing. Those April showers could turn you into quite the rainmaker yourself. Until the 19th, the sun swirls through Aries, heating up your second house of money. And with go-getter Mars in your cooperative third house until the 21st, a profitable partnership could emerge. Seek synergies and test the waters with single-project collabs. Who knows? You and a coworker could become the unstoppable dynamos in the office. A friend, sibling, or neighborhood business owner could turn into the other half of your team effort. Host an event together and split the cover charge. (And in generous Pisces style, how about siphoning off a percentage for Planned Parenthood or another charity while you’re at it?) Another windfall may come with the full moon on the 11th, perhaps through the sale of property, a gift from a relative, or even your tax return. Don’t spend it all in one place; in fact, this is the month to really sharpen your fiscal IQ and learn how to save. The security will be worth the small sacrifice.

That same full moon, on the 11th, could bring some scintillating developments in your love life. You’ll feel a strong urge to merge and could finally make that on-again-off-again thing something committed and official. But if you need to break free, these moonbeams light the exit ramp. Still, Pisces, you don’t want to do anything rash and here’s why. From April 2 to 15, love planet Venus will be retrograde in your sign. Your judgment could be somewhat skewed while people’s true intentions may remain hidden. After the 15th, your intuition should steer you towards the winners again. Hang on to that final rose and vet all contenders carefully. Focus on self-love this month too. Do things that nurture your creativity and bolster your self-esteem. Spring clean your friend list of the constant critics and second-guessers. No, we’re not talking about the real friends who call you on your bullshit, but rather the people who try to pull you down every time you’re having a shining moment. Bye Felicia!

Your social life heats up after the 19th, as the sun floats on to Taurus and your extroverted third house. A BFF-grade kindred spirit could pop up near the new moon on the 26th — initiate hangouts! Chatty Mercury will be retrograde from April 9 to May 3, encouraging you to reconnect to pals from your past as you welcome newbies into your circle. Family could pull for more attention when Mars moves into Gemini on the 21st. Be there for your kin, but don’t let them deplete you with demands. You deserve to have a life of your own too, Pisces.

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