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Happy Birthday Aries (and apologies to all for posting this feature a bit late)! Aries [March 21 – April 19] :: The Aries liberation front is in effect! With the sun beaming through your sign until the 20th, you have a zero tolerance policy for anyone who tries to clip your wings. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be performing as a solo act. With love planet Venus cruising alongside the sun from the 5th on, a mind-blowing romance could be the gift of your birthday season. The dream? Finding someone who applauds your individuality and inspires you to grow. If you’ve already found that person, don’t be careless and let him or her slip away. The Scorpio full moon on the 22nd could be the date where this romance turns rock-steady — and that could include a gem on your finger. But if you’ve been in a self-love slump, you might opt for a temporary dating hiatus so you can devote time to developing your creativity and personal interests. After all, you always attract a better match when you’re feeling awesome about yourself. Circle April 7, the day of the annual new moon in Aries, as your cosmic New Year. Make a wish list or a vision board — and maybe make like Adam Levine and spend the day alone, reflecting on life and eating cake in bed.

On the 17th, your ruling planet, Mars, turns retrograde (backwards) until June 29, cautioning you to look before you leap. Since Mars is in your ninth house of travel, expansion, and higher education, you may realize that your goals are outpacing your sanity. What’s the rush, Ram? The end doesn’t justify the means if you can’t enjoy the process. Visiting another corner of the world or signing up for some training or classes may be necessary in order for you to rock this mission. You’ll have to watch those fiery outbursts, too. Your truth bombs could blow up bridges that you really don’t want to burn.

Birthday time wraps on the 20th when the sun heads into Taurus for a month. Back to work you go, Aries, as your focus turns to your finances again. The full moon on the 22nd could even bring a contract or an investor who wants to put dollars behind your dreams. But don’t rush with the paperwork. Mercury pivots into a signal-scrambling retrograde from April 28 to May 22, which is not an ideal time to seal any deals. Since retrogrades highlight the past, reconnecting with old coworkers could be a profitable move.
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Taurus:  [April 20 – May 20] :: Fantasy or reality? Lines blur beguilingly this month as the sun and your ruler, romantic Venus, slow dance through your hazy 12th house. You’re not exactly in the mood to have your bubble burst, Bull, but be careful about tripping down temptation’s trail. You could get bound up in some shady business if you aren’t careful. It won’t help matters much that impulsive Mars is in your sex zone all month, even turning retrograde from April 17 until June 29. There’s nothing wrong with being turned on by a bad boy or girl as long as you don’t act upon every urge! And even though it feels like a pain, deal with the clutter in your life; when the going gets tough, clean your closets. Your entire being will feel lighter with each pair of skinny jeans and wedge sneakers you bag up. The 12th house can be healing, so along with Insta-stalking your ex, book a few therapy sessions so you can figure out why these toxic situations hold an allure. Perhaps you just need to unleash your inner bad girl so you don’t have to seek that energy from other people. Creativity will be cathartic, and you could dream up an epic vision near the new moon on the 7th — one that could even put your name on the singles charts or land your work on a gallery wall. Getting a yoga and meditation practice started with the new moon can do wonders too.

Everything takes a turn for the brighter on the 20th, when the sun blazes into Taurus for a month and ignites your birthday season. The boundaries you struggled to set in early April will become clear and obvious. And now it will be you who needs space from people who have hurt you. Maybe you’ll be able to work it out and gain closure one day, but first, take a nice, long break. Invest in your self-development, too. Is there a class you want to sign up for, a corner of the world you want to explore? 

The Scorpio full moon on the 22nd lights up your relationship house and could bring a milestone moment in love. Proposals, key exchanges, and exclusivity clauses are all up for grabs, as long as you have a qualified candidate by your side. Venus will swoop into Taurus from April 29 until May 25, making you utterly irresistible. And while hosting fashion-forward Venus can inspire a style overhaul, there is one hitch. From April 28 until May 22, Mercury turns retrograde, and in Taurus, no less. Your bold and brilliant ideas for a makeover could be a little off the mark. Put down the hair clippers and postpone that tattoo consult until late May. With Mercury back-tracking through your sign, you’re more easily misunderstood. Develop your precious plans and projects behind the scenes during this three-week spell, so no one has a chance to crush your dreams.

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Gemini [May 21-  June 20] :: Spring has sprung, Gemini, and you’re in shameless social butterfly mode. With the sun and charming Venus paired up in your popularity zone until the 20th, everyone is falling in love with you. Embrace your #QueenOfTheScene status and use your powers for good by playing Superconnector for all the fabulous people in your universe. You might even host a weekly gathering or meetup at one of the many chic bars (with patios or roof decks) that you’ve scouted. Sprucing up your online presence is another mission to tackle. Pose for new social media pics, start a blog, or become a YouTuber if you’re feeling the call to stardom. The new moon on the 7th awakens your activism; you could use these platforms to campaign for your presidential pick or raise awareness for a community-improvement mission. 

Love-wise, the first half of April could be downright frenetic. Red-hot Mars is pulsing through your relationship house, and you could be feeling a strong urge to find — or lock down — your other half. Candidates for that role could even step up from the friend zone, making everything a little more intense. But on April 17, Mars slips into retrograde until June 28 and hits the breaks on those runaway romances. The fiery planet’s reversal could even provoke lovers’ quarrels or bring out that Gemini switch-’em-up style (where you suddenly go cold on someone who was making your temperature rise). Haste makes waste, so don’t ditch a good one because you suddenly realized he or she has an irritating laugh or smells like Axe deodorant. You’ll probably need equal amounts of “me time” as “we time” after the 17th. Absence can make the heart grow fonder. And with the sun heading into Taurus and your solitary 12th house for a month on the 20th, we suggest having the talk about space before your last nerve has been worked. (And before Mercury turns retrograde, scrambling communication from April 28 to May 22.)

The full moon on the 22nd could bring a career coup as your efforts of the past six months come to fruition. Don’t be shy about asking for a performance review if you know you deserve a raise. Ready to move on to more profitable pastures? Circulate your résumé and see if your social network has any leads to share. You’ll be inspired to clean up and organize, too. No matter where your desk is, systematizing helps you work smarter, not harder. 

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Cancer [June 21-  July 22] :: Game face: on! Your ambitious nature is in rare form this April as the sun blazes through Aries and your 10th house of success. But going for the gold doesn’t mean mowing down the competition — quite the opposite. Charming, radiant Venus travels arm-in-arm with the sun through the 20th, making you one smooth operator. Focus on relationship-building by socializing strategically and playing the happy helper to the influencers and VIPs. When all is said and done, the girl with the best contact database always wins. Men could be the star players of April, too, since the 10th house is the masculine zone of the zodiac wheel. Whether for business or pleasure, some great guys could crop up near the new moon on the 7th — and these fellas could play an important role in your future. 

Motivator Mars speeds through your daily work and healthy living sector all month. While you’ll make big strides at the office, stress levels could rise as a result of heaping so much onto your plate. Don’t let exercise fall off your priority list, especially when Mars turns retrograde from April 17 until June 29. Opt for more varied workouts that incorporate both strength training and stretching — and make sure you’re not overdoing it at the gym. Use food as fuel, loading up on vitamin-rich options instead of sugary snacks.

Romantically, the full moon in Scorpio on the 22nd could be a high point! Chemistry that’s been bubbling for the past six months could explode into an exciting and passionate pasodoble. Coupled Cancers could have exciting news, like a proposal or a pregnancy, to report — and the full moon helps single Crabs open up to love again. So long, dry spell!

On the 20th, the sun floats on to Taurus and your 11th house of community. Come on out of that cocoon and flutter around with the other social butterflies. Consider joining a weekly meetup, activist group, or sports team if you’re looking for kindred spirits. When Mercury turns retrograde from April 28 to May 22, you could reunite with a group from the past. But there could be some drama with your existing squad; Mercury’s backspin can create some complex communication breakdowns. Try to be democratic and diplomatic, but if keeping the peace seems impossible, you might just have to go AWOL for a few weeks.

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Leo [July 23 – August 22] :: One ticket to Coachella, please! Wanderlust hits you hard this April, Leo, as the sun and Venus flow together through Aries and your adventurous, bohemian ninth house. This is the perfect month to take a romantic vacation or even a group trip (you’ll probably meet someone at the swim-up bar). Mingle with different cultures close to home, too. Sparks could fly with a cutie from a different background, or you could feel the creative click. Set your sights on expansion during the new moon on the 7th. How would you like to grow over the coming six months? Invest in a horizon-broadening experience, such as a retreat, summer workshop, or teacher training. Visit old friends or beloved family members near the sentimental full moon on the 22nd.

Romantically, the first half of Mars will be all fireworks and rose petals. Enjoy the passionate whirlwind, but try to keep one toe on solid ground. On the 17th, Mars turns retrograde until June 29, creating some trouble in paradise. You could take little things personally or start stressing out and heaping pressure onto your partner. To keep serene, make sure you’re tending to your own life and interests instead of making another person the center of your universe. 

After the 20th, career becomes a major focus again, as the sun blazes a trail through Taurus and your ambitious 10th house for a month.Throw yourself into your career, but make sure you’re not stepping on anyone’s terrain. With Mercury turning retrograde in this zone of your chart from April 28 until May 22, there could be some miscommunication with colleagues — and your eagerness to succeed could accidentally threaten the boss. We’re not saying you should dim your lights or dumb yourself down — never! Just make sure you understand the power pyramid, so you’re making strategic alliances instead of enemies. 

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Virgo [August 23 – September 22] :: April is a soulfully sexy month for you, Virgo, as the sun and Venus sync up in your erotic eighth house. You’ll feel the urge to merge — with one special person whom you trust deeply. Keep your standards high! In April, it’s better to have no one than the wrong one; you’re likely to get attached once you open your heart — or, um, unbutton your high-waisted jeans. You could meet someone with soulmate potential near the new moon on the 7th. Don’t judge a book by its cover: The quiet ones will surprise you. An existing relationship could grow much, much closer, too. You could even start shopping for a love nest or open a joint bank account. Sharing is caring!

Home will be a hub of activity this month as go-getter Mars blazes through your domestic fourth house. Host a dinner party or game night, or invite an old friend to stay for a long weekend. But on the 17th, Mars turns retrograde until June 29, and this could rile up tension under your roof. Deep breaths, Virgo! You may need to call a house meeting to set up new agreements with your roomies. Clashes with a female relative could heat up, too; try not to say anything in anger.

Life lightens up considerably, however, when the sun heads into Taurus and your freedom-loving ninth house for a month on the 20th. Wanderlust hits you hard, so start making your summer vacation plans. Slip off for a road trip or a short getaway near the full moon on the 22nd. Mercury turns retrograde from April 28 to May 22, which is not the ideal time to travel. If you do jet off during those dates, triple-confirm reservations and leave early for the airport; with extra precautions, your trip should go without a hitch.

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Libra [September 23 –  October 22] :: Two is your magic number this April, as planets pulse through the relationship zones of your chart. Whether for business or pleasure, tag-team efforts are the way to go. Instead of looking for someone just like you, pair up with a complementary force, and you’ll crush it. The new moon on the 7th could illuminate your missing puzzle piece. Lawyer up when it comes to business, because you may have to draft a contract to spell out the roles, responsibilities, and payment terms. Better to clarify this on the front end and protect your interests, even if negotiating feels awkward. Get on the ball with this ASAP. Mars turns retrograde on the 17th, making it hard to see eye-to-eye with your peers until June 29. And from April 28 until May 22, Mercury will be retrograde, which is never an optimal time to sign on dotted lines.

Spring fever vibes will be strong this month, and you’re looking for the rare breed who is both exciting and stable. Have faith: This person does exist. The new moon on the 7th could open up a fresh chapter for love or illuminate someone who makes your heart explode. Coupled Libras, you could upgrade your relationship to a more exclusive status, especially when the sun heads into Taurus and your intimate eighth house for a month on the 20th. Of course this means you will have to settle down and make up your mind too, but you’re feeling more ready to do that now. 

Mercury’s backspin could bring a lover from the past. Is this person a toxic ex or “the one that got away”? Don’t kid yourself, Libra. Opening the door to trouble during Mercury retrograde (April 28 to May 22) could turn into a time-sucking obsession. Watch out for the green-eyed monster, too. Your suspicious mind could whir out of control, but that doesn’t give you the right to check your partner’s private email. (And if trust is really that shaky, maybe you should question the relationship altogether.)

Money-wise, circle the 22nd as a day to make it rain. The full moon in Scorpio and your income zone brings your hard work of the past six months to a glowing milestone. Don’t be shy about circulating your résumé or setting up time for a performance review with HR to discuss an overdue raise and promotion. Ready to move on to greener pastures? A job offer could come within two weeks of the full moon. 

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Scorpio [October 23 – November 21] :: Give your body some love this April, Scorpio — and that means adoring the skin you’re in. It’s easy to get caught up in some ideal about how you “should” look, but that’s not the point. With the sun and radiant Venus flowing together until the 20th, embracing your god-given brand of beauty is the name of the game. Don’t skimp on self-care! Book the massage and the private yoga session. Nourish your “temple” with clean, green fuel, opting for recipes that are both healthy and delicious. Moving will feel awesome, and the new moon on the 7th inspires you to exercise regularly and get those endorphins pumping.

A new work situation could open up near this new moon, too, so keep your eye on the job boards and let friends know if you’re seeking more fulfilling employment. Joining a networking group (especially one with other powerhouse women) could be your key to prosperity before the 20th. You’ll need to manage your money wisely and get a grip on that retail-therapy habit. With feisty Mars blazing through your finance zone all month, you could get a little crazy with the ApplePay. From the 17th until June 29, Mars will be retrograde, making it all the more important that you budget wisely and tuck away some cash for unexpected expenses. That rainy-day fund will bring you peace of mind, even if it’s sunshine all the way. 

A romantic spring awakening begins on the 20th, when the sun heads into Taurus and your relationship house for a month. Have you been holding someone at arm’s length again, Scorpio? Resistance is futile — you’ll never know unless you take a chance! When Mercury turns retrograde from April 28 to May 22, you could even reunite with “the one that got away.” But don’t let any troublesome exes creep back in. Those flames do not need to be stoked! 

Circle the 22nd as a high point of the month: The annual full moon in Scorpio lights up the skies and puts your talents on the main stage. Wage a PR campaign on your own behalf, but don’t be surprised if people scout you out. All your efforts of the past six months could come to a brilliant manifestation — one that could catapult you to influencer status. Well played, Scorpio. 

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Sagittarius [November 22 – December 21] :: You’re the life of the party this April, Sagittarius, as the sun and people-loving Venus join forces in your festive, fashionable, and flamboyant fifth house until the 20th. Interesting people will flock to you, and your calendar quickly fills with invitations — and even a walk down a red carpet or two. Romantically, April could be epic! Someone could sweep you off your feet, especially near the new moon on the 7th. Coupled Archers could talk seriously about marriage, babies, overseas trips, or co-created projects that bring a refreshingly adventurous dimension to your bond. 

Motivator Mars is blazing a trail through Sagittarius all month, getting you pumped about personal projects, too. And while you’re all fired up, make sure your outsides are a proper reflection for all that potential bubbling inside you. The new moon on the 7th may inspire you to “rebrand” yourself, perhaps restyling your wardrobe or working with a graphic designer and photographer to get your visuals up to code. Mars turns retrograde from April 17 until June 29, which cautions against anything too avant garde. Aim for original, but accessible. If you’ve been flowing along at a manic pace, Mars retrograde fires a warning shot. Slow down and streamline before you burn out. You don’t have to push yourself just to succeed.

On the 20th, you pivot from hedonist to health nut as the sun drifts into Taurus and your wellness sector for a month. Kick off the statement sandals and lace up the track shoes. Spring training is officially underway! In all areas of life, you’ll want to get organized and disciplined in April’s final third. With Mercury dipping into a signal-jamming retrograde from April 28 to May 22, you don’t want to be caught with messy files, overdue bills, and unfinished paperwork. Make a point of managing people’s expectations better by setting start and finish times for your appointments. It’s okay to tell your girls, “I have to be back at the office in an hour” when you meet for lunch. And if an activity is zapping too much of your time, you’ll have no trouble ditching it during the full moon on the 22nd — and opening up more time to hit that spin studio!

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Capricorn [December 22 –  January 19] :: Newsflash, Capricorn: Winter hibernation time is over. But your nesting instincts are working overtime in April, as the sun and charming Venus roll in tandem through your domestic zone until the 20th. No need to trade the yoga pants for floral-print dresses just yet — but dorise up from the sofa! Chez Capricorn could become abuzz with activity, from dinner parties to DIY nights. Female friends and relatives will be your favorite company in the first half of April, too. You could meet a new GFF near the new moon on the 7th, or have a bonding moment with a relative.

Venus stokes your creativity, making this the perfect month to redo your bedroom or choose a new color scheme for your walls. If you’re ready to pull up the stakes, the new moon on the 7th could illuminate the dream listing. Make sure it’s a place worth staying at for more than a few months — and remember: location, location, location. Isolating yourself from friends or cultural activities is a recipe for the blues, so it’s worth it to spend a little more for a place that stokes your social needs. 

You’re back onto the step-and-repeat on the 20th, when the sun heads into Taurus and your glamorous, amorous fifth house for a month. It’s time to dazzle the world with your talents — and to challenge yourself to try new things. Romantically, this solar-powered month could bring a renaissance. You could meet your match through mutual friends or a fortuitous right-swipe near the full moon on the 22nd. Coupled Caps could start fantasizing about the future together, and talks could even turn to proposals or setting up a nursery if you’re ready to rock the cradle. Heads up: Mercury turns retrograde in your romance house from April 28 to May 22, which could intensify drama and lovers’ quarrels. An ex could make an unceremonious appearance, throwing you off your game. Unless it was honestly bad timing that kept you apart, leave the past in the past.

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Aquarius [January 20 –  February 18]  :: Just friends…or a little something extra? Lines can blur this April, as the sun and enchanting Venus meet up in your third house of amigos. Even if a hookup doesn’t transpire, you’ll be a shameless flirt this month. Use those powers judiciously, because your allure is stronger than you realize! Even platonically, your popularity is on the rise. And with Mars in your 11th house of group activities, your social calendar will be teeming with entertaining options. The new moon on the 7th could lead you to kindred spirits who become your spring-summer squad. But there could be drama with your old crew when Mars turns retrograde from April 17 until June 29. You may need to step away for a while in order to expand your social horizons; confining cliques have never been your thing. Do you need a better transportation plan for hopping around to all your activities? Test-drive a new set of wheels before the 20th, or set up a ride share if you want to lower your carbon footprint. 

On the 20th, the sun decamps to Taurus and your home-loving fourth house. You may crash from early April’s social whirlwind, so make sure you have a soft place to land. If you don’t exactly love where you live, start checking out your options. Or, summon your decorista friend to help you brighten up Chateau Aquarius. Get rolling on this before Mercury turns retrograde from April 28 to May 22, because your intuition about things like paint colors and neighborhoods won’t be the sharpest then. Mercury’s backspin could bring an important woman back into your life, but there could also be some communication breakdowns with family members or female friends. There’s a time and a place for tough love, Aquarius, so be sensitive about when to dole out advice and when to just give someone a reassuring hug.

The full moon on the 22nd lights up your career zone, bringing one of your ambitions to fruition. If you’ve been putting in the elbow grease over the past six months, expect a major reward — like a raise, bonus, or promotion. This full moon could also illuminate a new path or a leadership position. Don’t be shy about stepping up to the plate or even writing your own job description and presenting it to the powers that be.

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Pisces [February 19 –  March 20] :: “Decadence on a dime” could be your theme this April, Pisces. With the sun and extravagant Venus flowing together through your sensual second house, you’ll be drawn to beauty. But this is also a budget-conscious cosmic energy: Blowing the bank on fast-fashion fixes should be out of the question. Instead of splurging, invest — in your 401K and objects that will stand the test of time. 

The new moon on the 7th could present you with a profitable work opportunity. Have your résumé polished up and ready! You might even see an opening for growth within your current 9-to-5. If appropriate, sit down with your boss and have a discussion about your desire to evolve with the company. Mars is speeding through your career zone all month, making you extra ambitious. Zone in on a leadership position, or even consider becoming your own boss. But don’t rush ahead or bite off more than you can chew. From April 17 until June 29, Mars will be retrograde; driving yourself too hard could bring major stress meltdowns — not the way you want to spend your spring and summer.

Your social life heats up on the 20th when the sun heads into Taurus and your extroverted third house. You won’t have to travel far to find fun. The local scene — or an up-and-coming neighborhood nearby — will teem with kindred spirits. Get your name on “the list” whenever possible, scout out free shows, and organize potluck dinners. Mercury turns retrograde from April 28 to May 22, reconnecting you with friends from your past. But since this retrograde hits your communication sector, it can be a double-whammy. Watch your words, Pisces: Even a sarcastic tweet can be taken the wrong way. Play it safe and take a time-out if you start squabbling with a sibling or close friend. With Mercury in reverse, petty conflicts can spiral into world-class dramas before you know it.

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