Art :: Spotlight, Animated Illustrations by Ana Rita Amos, The Black Edition


Multi-talented Portuguese designer, Ana Rita Amos, originally trained as an interior designer which led to the completion of some attractive projects in design and interior and to teaching interior design classes at ESAD College of Art and Design in her hometime of Porto.  However, she quickly realized that her artistic talents would not be limited to interior design alone, and started to explore other mediums.  “I studied interior design”, Ana Rita explains, “but along the way I found myself surrounded by other interests, such as fashion, photography and art direction. Working in these areas helped me understand that, even though I studied design, that doesn’t need to define my professional path”.




Describing them as “motion collages”, Ana Rita draws these monochrome compositions by assembling found images and drawn elements, all created as short GIF animations that bring dreamy scenes into life. A female figure is the protagonist in all of her illustrations, surrounded by textures and moving images depicting natural elements such as crushing waves on a beach or a late-summer field of grain. Ana Rita began working on collages as an exercise, but she didn’t want them to be static; that’s how she came up with the idea of adding animation to her collages, always inspired by nature and how it makes us feel. The collection of collages from the Black Edition is an ongoing project, with the intention to make more works for the series and even plans for a longer animation or video in the same vein in the future.







Source:  Yatzer (originally noted in Weekend Musings :: Lovely Links and Recent News Articles, 26 Mar 17)


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